Thank you,

As a non-profit organization, your donation to the RASC: Yukon Centre (Yukon Astronomical Society) will help the society meet its objective of popularizing astronomy, and all related sciences.

We aim to give opportunities to all Yukoners, to hear and learn more about astronomy, and grow understanding of and inspire curiosity about our Universe, through public outreach, education, and support for astronomical research. In partnership with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC), your donations will greatly assist us in developing these programs for the Yukon:

In Education:

• Help fund the ressources required to provide quality lectures, with focus on Canadian Astronomy
• Help bring quality Guest Speakers to the Territory, to better inspire and foster knowledge
• Help promote our Public Speaker Program
• Help promote Workshops / Conferences
• Help develop a Planetarium
• Help providing funds to create, sustain, and broadcast Webinars, Podcasts, and  On-line Training / Forums
• Help promote the various scientific research projects of the Society, in conjunction with other regional or national institutions

 In Observation:

• Help promote Stargazing Nights
• Help develop subject-oriented observation programs (planets, variable stars, double stars, deep sky)
• Help promote our Community Outreach program

 In Special Projects:

• Public Observatory
• Whitehorse Light-Pollution Abatement (WLPA) Project
• Light-restricted Protected Areas Project
• Dark-Sky Preserve
• Urban Star Park
• Nocturnal Preserve
• Project Astro (National program)
• Astronomy Day (public)
• Scaled Solar System project in Whitehorse

Your’s sincerely,

The RASC: Yukon Centre (Yukon Astronomical Society) Directors

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