How to Join?

We welcome everyone who is interested in our programs, and projects. With new advancements in technology, Society members of the RASC: Yukon Centre (Yukon Astronomical Society) can now join us from all over the Yukon, as well as from all around the world! In our digital world, communication and collaboration is no longer a geographic obstacle.

Your options include:

Regular Membership
Family Membership
Youth Membership


Once a Registered Member, you will hold full rights and privileges. All Registered Members may volunteer to fully take part in any RASC: Yukon Centre project, or activity.

Registration is done on-line via the RASC website: I want to become a member
Print an application form and mail it to the National Office: Application Form (Pdf)
Thomas Jacquin (YAS member) and his homemade 10" Dobsonian telescope
Thomas Jacquin (Society member) and his homemade 10″ Dobsonian telescope