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  • Regular membership: $90/year [adult 21+ years of age]
  • Youth membership: $55/year [child 16 to 21 years of age]
  • Family membership: $167/family/year [price for 2 Adults and 2 Children]
    • Initial adult: $85
    • Extra Adult: +$41
    • Extra Child: +$20.50

If you are already a member of the Royal Astronomical Society (RASC), simply transfer your account to our Centre through the National Office.rasc



  • Voting privileges, that influence and shape the Society;
  • Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) membership;
  • Access to astronomical information from across Canada, providing a wealth of knowledge resources to you, our members;
  • Free access to all astronomical education;
  • Free access to lectures and astronomy talks;
  • Free access to the Public Speaker Program;
  • Free access to observation sessions (deep-sky/solar);
  • Privilege to initiate/assist in Society projects;
  • Use of the RASC: Yukon Centre and YAS Logo (for use on member and Society letterhead, business cards, websites and signatures);
    • Note: members are asked to provide proof, to the Society, prior to any logo use
  • Access to the Society closed Facebook group page; and
  • Access to all Society owned equipment (binoculars, telescopes, AV/sound, etc.) and tools.
    • Note: some equipment or tools may require special permission by the Society to use.


  • An RASC Observer’s Handbook* (US$27.95) every year. The Observer’s Handbook: a 352-page guide published annually since 1907 by The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Through its long tradition and the expertise of more than 60 contributors, the Observer’s Handbook has come to be regarded as the standard North American reference for data on the sky. The material in the Handbook is of interest to professional and amateur astronomers, scientists, teachers at all levels, students, science writers, campers, Scout and Guide leaders, as well as interested general readers.
  • Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada;
  • The Bulletin (RASC);
  • The Pulsar (Society Newsletter)
  • A StarFinder; and
  • A MoonGazer’s Guide.


  • Tours
  • Public Speaker Program
  • Science Fairs
  • Research
  • Joint research with institutions, and other astronomical societies


Society members, through the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada membership, will benefit from: