1st-Ever Yukon Star Party


Photo Credit: David Cartier Sr.


A star party is a gathering of amateur astronomers for the purpose of observing the sky. Local star parties may be one night affairs, but larger events can last up to a week or longer and attract hundreds or even thousands of participants. Many regional star parties are now held annually and are an important part of the hobby of amateur astronomy. Typically a dark sky site, away from light pollution, is chosen as a location. Participants bring telescopes and binoculars of all types and sizes, and spend the nights observing astronomical objects such as planets, comets, stars, and deep sky objects together. Astrophotography and CCD imaging are also very popular. At larger star parties, lectures, swap meets, exhibitions of home-built telescopes, contests, tours, raffles, and other similar activities are common. Commercial vendors selling a variety of astronomical equipment may also be present. As with any other hobbyist gathering, there is much camaraderie and discussion of various aspects of the hobby at any star party.

The idea of a star party is not new, and allegedly goes back at least as far as George III of the United Kingdom, who was passionately interested in astronomy and mathematics. On nights when poor weather blocked the view of the real stars and planets, attendants are said to have hung paper lanterns marked with drawings in the trees around the royal palace to provide something else for the King and his guests to spot through their telescopes.

The Yukon Star Party objectives are two-fold:

  1. To bring the stars of the Yukon sky down to the people of the Yukon, and to offer the Yukon sky to the world.
  2. To promote the Yukon and its Societies, its cultures, and its people.

This year’s October event will be held at the Takhini Hotsprings. A FREE public presentation will discuss and dispel common misconceptions about the many fascinating objects in the Yukon night sky! Come discover secrets about the Aurora Borealis, our ever-changing Universe, and the many current, and near-future roles YOU can be a part of! Your moderator for the evening will be Jaclyn Semple, B.Sc, M.Sc of the Yukon College and it will be held at The Old Fire Hall on October 22nd, on Sunday evening between 6 and 10:00PM.

Throughout the week, a variety of day and night presentations, workshops, discussions, and hands-on experiences with solar and deep-sky astronomical observing are included @ the Takhini Hotsprings!! These events will require you to purchase a 1-day ($15/pers), or our 7-day Star Pass ($80/pers) via www.YukonTickets.com. Unlimited access to the Hotsprings is included with every day or week pass purchase!!

Accommodations are also available @ the Takhini Hostel for those that wish to remain on-site, please book via our e-mail address YukonAstronomicalSociety@gmail.com), or with any number of hotels in Whitehorse (https://www.yukoninfo.com/whitehorse-yukon/).

All passes are now available on-line through www.YukonTickets.com!





GRAND PRIZE of two (2) return tickets anywhere Air North, Yukon’s Airline flies will be silently auctioned-off. One ticket on the FIRST day (Saturday, 21 October), and one on the LAST day (Thursday, 26 October) of the event at the Astro-Beer Shack. Each auction will be supervised by our staff, and the winners announced shortly after 9pm in the Andromeda Tent.

minimum bid increase increment is $5
Society members, and their family members, are permitted to participate in this auction.