Flight to the Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Air North has confirmed that a pilot flight for North America’s first-ever Aurora Borealis oval flights will begin in Whitehorse, Yukon. Since the project was developed by YAS, Air North is offering first dibs to members of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. 76 seats will be available for a flight across the Arctic Circle and into the Aurora’s oval, using a Boeing 737-500 at 36,000 feet, and in a darkened cabin, for excellent astrophotography.

In the Spring, Air New Zealand will have flights crossing the Antarctic Circle and into the Aurora Australis, using a Boeing 787 Dreamliner! Those flights will also issue a certificate attesting you crossed the Antarctic Circle. Our Boeing 737-500s flights in the Spring will match with Air New Zealand’s flights, so that both flights will be connected!!