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Want to learn how to observe the sky?

Astronomy remains a vibrant science because something’s always making news. When you’re an amateur astronomer, not only can you read about what’s going on, but you can also participate. In essence, the sky is calling.

Amateur astronomy is fun and easy. Follow along with our experienced society members, and you’ll be viewing the universe in no time.

The Sun (Image from SOHO)

Latest image of the Sun from the SOHO Satellite

Latest image of the Sun from NASA’s SOHO Satellite. Courtesy of SOHO/HMI consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.

 Real Time Information

Sky News Weekly Sky NOTE: Not adjusted to Yukon sky


 Aurora Alerts!


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Other Data
NOAA 3-Day Forecast
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Activity Charts
CALM 2.5

Observing Quick Links/Tools:

Observing Locations:

Regular Society observations will be held at the Canyon (Gray) Mountain Lookout

Grey Mountain Observation Point

or, the Society may use The Canada Day Tree Grove Rotary Peace Park (near the S.S. Klondike):

Rotary Park Observation Point

or, the Lookout along the paved Miles Canyon Road (open at the Alaska Highway):

Miles Canyon Lookout

A Site Use Policy has been established by the RASC: Yukon Centre (Yukon Astronomical Society) for all locations to accommodate its public, and private uses. Observers are asked to be respectful when approaching any observation area by car, so to avoid headlights from interfering with night vision and the equipment. Drivers are asked to dim-down their lights, or to park the vehicle prior to entering the observation area.